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A fusion of Gothic, Deathrock, Punk and electronics... think Sisters of Mercy, but faster. Dark and soulful with an attitude. The fourth album from the veterans and originators of this scene - it may be their best one yet! 13 Tracks. Au Puch,the Hero Twins,Demons of the Night,Killer,Killer,Killer, I Walk Alone, A Ring a Lake a Deception and a Innocent Girl, Masquarde, Burn this Love, Watch Out!,Show me the Way, the Chair of Destiny,Your Fate, We'll have to try Again,


For those who like their dark music to rock, this release from Ex-VoTo is just what the coroner ordered. From the modern heavy rock style of "Spiritual Lies" to the old skool deathrock of "I Can See Right thru You" this CD will be spending lots of time spinning. 17 Tracks,Seven Sisters, Spritual Lies, Clean on the Outside,el Diablo Blancho,I Could've been,western Skies, She Got It Big,Not a Single Tear, I Can See Right Through You,Her Evil Plan PtII,Seven Seas of Misery,Alena,Water into Wine, Where is Nikki Black, 27 names for Tears,Unspoken Words, Alena (version)

the Light of Day

Dark Electro Guitar driven Gothic/Deathrock From monsters of Goth Ex-VoTo. This is their second CD release.13 Tracks of New Songs. the follow up to their classic album Annio Domini.A must have for fans of the Gothic/Deathrock scene. Don't miss this one. 13 Tracks Everytime I see Your Face,Say a Prayer for the Dying,the Assignation,Heavens in your Eyes, Sister Machinegun,Welcome to my Addiction, Raining down on Me,Blue Green,Azreal, Is the Water Cold in Haven,Crimson Drops, Looking Back from Here

Anno Domini

From the Mosters of Goth Ex-VoTo. The first time available on Cd. Includes the classic hits "Falling Apart" and "If I Never". Hear the music that helped start the scene. Gothic Rock. Old School danceable Deathrock. Guitars, Drum Machines and Keys. 13 Tracks Falling Apart, Roundhouse, In a Modern Time, I Cry, Lifetime,Waiting for the Dawn,Hollow Souls, Hand to Hold, If I Never,the Blood Runs So Cold, I'll wait Forever,the Return,97 Crosses