Ex-VoTo was formed in 1982 in Los Angeles by Larry Rainwater, Linda Patti and David Rhine. Disenchanted with the current Punk rock scene of early 80s in Los Angeles, Ex-VoTo set out to forge a sound on the darker and more macabre side of alternative music. Incorporating drum machines and keyboards with heavy guitars and rock dance beats that are now common in music were met with much disdain from the mainstream population at the time. That disdain did not last long as this combination proved too infectious to be denied it’s place in music. Thus came the birth of Deathrock. Over the years the categorizations have changed; Goth, Gothic, Industrial Goth Rock,  Bat Cave, and full circle back to Deathrock, as a whole new generation re-discovers a genre that has been overlooked by most.

Ex-VoTo’s line up has changed over the years except for the two core members of Larry and Linda. Larry has always handled the songwriting and Bass duties and in the late 80’s took over the vocal chores as well. Linda has played keyboard since day one and helped out with the backing vocal tracks as well. Guitar players have changed quite a bit over the years with guitar duties on the latest album “ANTIOCH” being handled by Larry. The current line up stands as Larry Rainwater - Bass and Lead Vocals, Linda Patti - Keyboards and Backing Vocals, Spleen - Keyboards, Backing, and Lead Vocals and  Patrick Midnite on Guitar and Backing Vocals.

Ex-VoTo’s list of club performances and bands they have shared the stage with read like a who’s who in the underground music scene. Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction, Hole, Christian Death, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Screams for Tina, London After Midnight, Kommunity FK, and on and on. The club list is no different - The Whisky a Go Go, The Scream, The Krypt, House of Blues, Howlin Wolf, Happy House, Kontrol Faktory, Bar Sinister, Release the Bats, Tipatina’s, The Angel, New Orleans Music Factory, Helter Skelter, Numbers Etc, etc. Visit the Gallery page to check out some vintage flyers from the shows.



"In Wax"



Track List:

If I (Never) 



Decisions (In A Modern Time)



Falling Apart

Mark Allen - Guitar

Greg Bevington - Vocals

Linda Patti - Keyboards

Larry Rainwater - Bass

The  coveted "In Wax" Demo Cassette is highly sought after. 

"Don't Look Back"


12" Vinyl

Track List:

The Devil's Work

If I (Never)

97 Crosses

Never Again

Larry Rainwater - Bass, Vocals

Dee Madden - Guitar, Vocals

Linda Patti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Released by Poor Alice Music and New World Records, "Don't Look Back" was pressed on translucent blue and purple, as well as black, vinyl.

"Anno Domini"


Cassette, CD

Track List:

In A Modern Time?

I Cry

If I Never

Waiting For The Dawn

The Blood Runs So Cold

97 Crosses

Hollow Souls

I'll Wait Forever


The Return


Hand To Hold

Falling Apart

Larry Rainwater - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming

Clint Sand - Guitar, Keyboards

Linda Patti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Anno Domini features studio recordings of Ex-Voto's earliest songs,  previously only available on Vinyl or Demo tape. 

"The Light of Day"



Track List:

Every time I See Your Face

Say a Prayer For the Dying

The Assignation

Heavens in Your Eyes

Sister Machinegun

Welcome to My Addiction

Raining Down on Me

Blue Green


Is the Water Cold in Heaven?

Crimson Drops

Blue Green (Version)

Looking Back From Here

Larry Rainwater - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitar Drum Programming

Clint Sand - Guitar

Ron Fryberger -Guitar

Matt Collard - Guitar

Dee Madden - Guitar, Drums

Linda Patti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

The Light of Day is a "hypnotic" "danceable" mix of darkwave electro-goth rock. 




Track List:

Seven Sisters

Spiritual Lies

Clean on the Outside

El Diablo Blanco

I Could Have Been

Western Skies

She Got It Big

Not A Single Tear

I Can See Right Thru You

Her Evil Plan Pt. 2

Seven Seas of Misery


Water into Wine

Where is Nikki Black?

Twenty-Seven Names For Tears

Unspoken Words

Alena (Version)

Larry Rainwater - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming

Matt Collard- Guitar

Melissa Crory -Guitar, Keyboards
Linda Patti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Dee Madden- Guitar, Vocals

DOLOROSO is Ex-Voto's return to their guitar driven deathrock sound.




Track List:

Au Puch

The Hero Twins

Demons of the Night


I Walk Alone

A Ring, A Lake, A Deception and An Innocent Girl


Burn This Love

Watch Out!

Show Me The Way

The Chair of Destiny

Your Fate

We'll Have to Try Again

Larry Rainwater - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming

Heather "Spleen" Rainwater- Backing Vocals
Linda Patti - Keyboards, Backing Vocals